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"Read how easily you can stop your chronic inflammation and change your life's direction in 7 easy steps."

In the chapter titled "Grandma's Cure Corner," learn how one reclaimed botanical treasure helps stop swelling and pain by letting this natural anti-inflammatory soak into your skin.

On "page 6," Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D., explains how to ensure the right Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratios for preventing heart disease, cancer and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

On "page 10," we share delicious anti-inflammatory recipes and how pain-free food choices can stop, prevent and help heal the cause of chronic inflammation.

"In this special report, you'll also learn to avoid target foods containing hidden ingredients that can aggravate inflammation."

On "page 33," you'll learn how to enjoy automatic weight loss, while relieving stress and curbing inflammation.

Discover the key to relieving biological stress and to quickly flushing your kidneys clean of built-up inflammatory waste. Page 20

"Each brilliantly illustrated page is chocked full of raw, relevant and real remedies, tips and helpful solutions to give you back control of your life, health and wellness."

Jump to "page 37," where Kim Catrall (from the Sex in the City, HBO series) shares how eating wild foods can turn back your biological clock.

Read Catrall's celebrity tip to halt hunger by putting the squeeze on this tropical fruit! Page 38

Learn which important amino acid neurotransmitter regulates water (osmoregulator) and how it plays a major role in other symptoms of inflammation, like allergies. Eliminate the need for inhalers and other risky drugs with this inflammation secret on Page 17!

Find out which specific ocean minerals make this amino acid that combats inflammation. Page 18

  • Apply the new scientific discovery from the Weizmann Institute, to eliminate inflammation both inside and outside your cells using the principle of "Free water!"
  • Learn how to prevent "functional deficiencies" that trigger mechanical inflammation.
  • Activate your "automatic healing process," increase cellular energy and detoxify yourself while naturally addressing the root cause of inflammation.

All this on page 18!

On "page 19" of your Anti-Inflammation Diet, we share how avoiding a "common table condiment" that chemically stresses your immune system is the secret to preserving youthful muscle tone and strength.

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FACT: BIG Pharma is selling billions of corticoid steroids, antihistamines and Non-Steroidal-Anti-Inflammatory (NSAIDs) Drugs to artificially block your inflammation and yet do nothing to remove the real cause.

What Is The "Real Cause" and How Do You Stop it?

Discover the 9 regenerative remedies that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities! Page 32

"Did you know that US government policy is fattening?"

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Today, more than 300,000 Americans die from obesity each year. Did you know obesity is simply a symptom of chronic inflammation?

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Page 39 mentions a unique source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory qualities with an unheard of potency that is 48X more effective than fish oil.

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  • Help lower the risk of heart disease and cholesterol levels
  • Help produce beneficial prostaglandins to treat rheumatoid arthritis
  • Help depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
  • Help reduce the risk of premature delivery, as well as encourage fetus development
  • Help treat menstrual cramp flare-ups
  • Help decrease symptoms of bowel disease (Crohn's, IBS, ulcerative colitis)
  • Assist Lupus patients
  • Decrease chance of developing macro-degeneration of the eyes

Learn more on page 40!

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The cost of the Anti-Inflammation Diet is less than the cost of one trip to the doctor, or one dose of prescription drugs! This is the lowest price we can charge because we have to pay for advertising on Google, Yahoo, and other websites in order for you to find our website.

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Anti-Inflammation Diet Prescription Drugs Surgery
Price $19.97 one-time only $25-$89+ every month for years $3,000-$9,000
Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Money Back Guarantee for 1 YEAR No money back guarantee No money back guarantee
Complications & Risks Possible food allergies (very rare) Serious side effects, drug addiction, complications from wrong diagnosis or multiple prescriptions Pain, hospitalization, infection, complications due to anesthesia and medications, doctor error, death
Convenience Immediate download, put the information to use within the hour using grocery store products Fairly convenient, except for trips to the doctor and pharmacy Very inconvenient
Effectiveness of Treatment Highly effective. Treats the source of the problem, doesn't just mask symptoms Treats the symptoms, not the real problem May treat the source of the problem
Other Benefits Educate & improve yourself for a lifetime of excellent health Pop a pill, forget about the consequences People might visit you, eat hospital food, watch TV as you recover
What's Your Choice? Naturally Stop The Root Cause of Inflammation Give me drugs Cut me open

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